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Current Position: President and Co-Founder of InspectTech
Affiliation: Republican
Candidate: 2022 US Representative for District 17\
Former Position: Ross Township Commissioner

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Jeremy is a proven leader in business and our community. He stands for efficient government that defends our freedoms and provides opportunities for all. Jeremy married his high school classmate and prom date Stacey. They have been blessed with five children born and raised here in Western Pennsylvania. Jeremy is passionate about working to make our community and country even better. Jeremy earned a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon while his wife, Stacey, completed her Medical Residency and Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh.

A problem-solver and entrepreneur at heart, while at Carnegie Mellon, Jeremy co-founded a company committed to improving our crumbling roads and bridges. As a small business owner, Jeremy understands the importance and challenges of dealing with government regulations and taxes while growing revenue and managing personnel.

As a Ross Township Commissioner and Board President, Jeremy was a common-sense voice that fought for taxpayers and led the fight for reforms. Jeremy also served his community as a Northland Library Foundation Board member, Northern Tier Library Board Member, founder of Walk/Bike Ross, and coach on numerous youth sports teams. Jeremy is also a man of faith and is active in his local church having served as both an elder and a deacon previously. Above all, Jeremy wants to ensure that our great country continues to provide an abundance of opportunities for future generations. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys the wonderful Western Pennsylvania outdoors with biking, running, and hiking.



  • Married to Stacey: Geriatric Internal Medicine Doctor – Univ. Pittsburgh Residency/Fellowship
  • Five Children
  • Avid outdoors enthusiast, runner, and biker (you will likely find me on a trail in North Park or one of our other great area parks!)


  • Carnegie Mellon University: Ph.D. and Master’s Degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering – National Science and Defense Fellowship (U.S. Navy) and Angel Jordan Award for Community Service
  • Tulane University: Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering – Valedictorian of Engineering School
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Master’s of Business Administration – Beta Gamma Sigma

Business Experience:

  • President and Co-Founder of InspectTech, a company dedicated to software for efficient and safe management of bridges and transportation infrastructure
  • Helped lead InspectTech to nearly 40 employees with customers around the world, while balancing the budget and investing in research and development
  • Author of over 40 technical papers and presentations at national and international conferences

Community and Professional Organization Experience: (Past and Present)

  • Service as Deacon and Elder at Local Church (combined 7 years)
  • Ross Township Commissioner (6 years) and Board President (2 years)
  • Northland Library Foundation Board
  • Northern Tier Library Board
  • Board of Directors – Allegheny County and Western PA Association of Township Commissioners
  • Founder of Walk/Bike Ross
  • Member Friends of the Riverfront
  • Member Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
  • Board of Directors Pittsburgh Association for Bridge Construction and Design (6 years)
  • Federal Highway Administration Bridge Preservation Expert Task Force
  • Engineering Society of Western Pennsylvania
  • Summer Volunteer with National Park Service
  • Youth Soccer and Basketball coach


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SHAFFER, JEREMY KEVIN has run in 1 race for public office, winning 0 of them. The candidate has raised a total of $1,681,540.

Source: Follow the Money


Democracy & Governanced

Term Limits And Ethics Reform
Congress is broken and controlled by career politicians and special interests. My first action will be to introduce a Constitutional amendment for Term Limits. I will tirelessly work with like-minded people from both parties to advance real reforms in Congress. It is completely unacceptable that powerful members of Congress such as Nancy Pelosi can make millions trading individual stocks when they have inside knowledge and direct influence over key policies.

Ensure Election Integrity
The American people deserve to feel fully confident in the outcome of our elections. In Congress, I will stand against Democrat power grabs that would undermine election integrity and voting rights. Free and fair elections are at the core of any functional democracy.

Economy & Jobs

Put Pennsylvania Families First

For too long, politicians in both parties have squandered far too much of your hard-earned money. We are saddling future generations with trillions of dollars of debt. I will put Pennsylvania families first by voting to end out-of-control spending and inflation. The massive Federal debt Congress has created is both immoral and a major threat to America’s long-term prosperity and national security.

Grow Jobs & The Economy
Politicians don’t create jobs, businesses do. As a small business owner, I know that firsthand. A competitive free-market economy is the best way to drive down prices and provide opportunities. The federal government needs to get out of the way and enable businesses to thrive by cutting red tape and streamlining our burdensome and complex tax system. Socialism and the trend toward big company monopolies are major threats to America’s prosperity.

Public Safety

Secure The Border
Politicians don’t create jobs, businesses do. As a small business owner, I know that firsthand. A competitive free-market economy is the best way to drive down prices and provide opportunities. The federal government needs to get out of the way and enable businesses to thrive by cutting red tape and streamlining our burdensome and complex tax system. Socialism and the trend toward big company monopolies are major threats to America’s prosperity

Keeping Our Communities Safe
Our brave men and women in blue risk their lives every day to keep our community safe. I will stand with law enforcement and stop the Democrats’ radical agenda to defund the police. I will work to create economic opportunities that allow people meaningful work instead of dependence on the system.

Confront Communist China
While Russia is wreaking havoc, China is still the greatest foreign threat facing America. We need leaders willing to stand up to the Chinese Communist Party, end our dependence on China, and bring home the manufacturing of essential products. We need to stop taking a short-term view of China and develop a long-term strategy.

Health & Education

As a father of five school-aged children, I understand that parents and local schools make the best choices for children and communities – not the federal government. My wife and I have seen firsthand that a “one-size fits all” approach doesn’t work. My kids are now thriving since we have found what works best for each of our unique kids from public schools to home school. I will work hard to empower families to have the freedom to do what is best for their children.

Human Rights

Equality of Worth – Not Racial Politics
I believe strongly that each person is made in the image of God and has equal worth and value regardless of our skin color or size of our bank account. Policies such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) seek to divide us as a country. We should first consider ourselves Americans. I will work hard to remove divisive policies that are based on race or ethnic group. Everyone should have equal opportunity, and success should be based on merit and not skin color

Defend All Our Freedoms
I am a strong believer in our Constitution. One of the reasons that America is the greatest country in the world is because we recognize and protect the individual freedoms of individuals. These liberties are under a relentless attack – from “cancel-culture” that seeks to stifle free speech to big government mandates that seek to trample religious freedoms. I will never waver in my support of our 2nd Amendment rights. Law-abiding Pennsylvanians have the inherent right to protect themselves and their families.

Protect The Unborn
I believe that all life, born and unborn, must be protected. In Congress, I will advocate for the rights of the unborn and fight against legislation that allows taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.

Environment & Energy

Investing in our Infrastructure

From roads and bridges to railways and waterways, investing in world-class infrastructure is critical to fostering greater economic growth and prosperity for Western Pennsylvania and the country. In Congress, I will work tirelessly to address our needs by using my expertise serving on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Energy Independence And Security
America needs to safely develop our immense natural energy resources and reduce our own and the world’s dependence on hostile countries. By purchasing foreign oil we are often directly funding foreign regimes that work against our national interests.

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