The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is the lower house of the bicameral Pennsylvania General Assembly, the legislature of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. There are 203 members, elected for two-year terms from single member districts.[2][3]

It is the largest full-time state legislature in the country. The New Hampshire House of Representatives is larger but only serves part-time.


According to the Pennsylvania Constitution, representatives must be at least 21 years old. They must be citizens and residents of the state for a minimum of four years and reside in their districts for at least one year.[citation needed]

Hall of the House

The Hall of the House contains important symbols of Pennsylvania history and the work of legislators.

  • Speaker’s Chair: a throne-like chair of rank that sits directly behind the Speaker’s rostrum. Architect Joseph Huston designed the chair in 1906, the year the Capitol was dedicated.
  • Mace: the House symbol of authority, peace, order and respect for law rests in a pedestal to the right of the Speaker. Its base is solid mahogany, intricately carved and capped by a brass globe engraved with the Pennsylvania coat of arms. An American Eagle perches on top. The tradition of the mace may date to the Roman Republic when attendants of Roman consuls carried bundles of sticks wrapped around an axe to enforce order. The tradition may also come directly from Pennsylvania’s English heritage.
  • Murals: a colorful panorama of Pennsylvania history appear in murals by Edwin Austin Abbey. The most commanding of the series hangs behind the Speaker’s rostrum and dominates the wall behind the Speaker. It is called The Apotheosis of Pennsylvania
  • Ceiling: a work of art in itself with its ornate geometry of gold leaf buttoned at the center by a charming painted illustration. In “The Hours”, Abbey represents the passage of time in the form of 24 maidens revolving in an endless circle amidst the moon, the sun and the stars of the Milky Way.[4]

Speaker of the House

The speakership is the oldest elected statewide office in the Commonwealth. Since its first session in 1682—presided over by William Penn—over 130 house members have been elevated to the speaker’s chair. The house cannot hold an official session in the absence of the speaker or their designated speaker pro tempore. Speaker Leroy Irvis was the first African American elected speaker of any state legislature in the United States since Reconstruction. Speaker Dennis O’Brien was the only minority-party Speaker known in Pennsylvania and only the second known nationwide. Pennsylvania has never had a female speaker.

Republican Bryan Cutler was elected Speaker of the House on June 22, 2020, replacing outgoing speaker Mike Turzai, who had resigned to take a job with a Pittsburgh-based natural gas company.[5]

Current composition

In 2012, a State Representative district had an average population of 60,498 residents.[6]

Partisan breakdown

as of May 18, 2022:


(Shading indicates majority caucus)
End of 2020110932030
Begin 2021–2022 session112902021
May 19, 2021113902030
June 9, 2021113892021
July 22, 2021113882012
November 18, 2021113902030
January 4, 2022112892012
January 31, 2022112882003
May 18, 2022113902030
June 9, 2022113892021
Latest voting share56%44%


Speaker of the House of Representatives: Bryan Cutler (R)

Majority party (R)[7]Leadership positionMinority party (D)[8]
Kerry BenninghoffFloor LeaderJoanna McClinton
Donna OberlanderWhipJordan Harris
George Dunbar[9]Caucus ChairpersonDan Miller
Martina WhiteCaucus SecretaryTina Davis
Stan SaylorAppropriations Committee ChairmanMatt Bradford
Kurt MasserCaucus AdministratorMike Schlossberg
Martin CauserPolicy Committee ChairmanRyan Bizzarro

Membership, 2021–2022

Map of current partisan composition of legislative districts for state house:

  Republican representative
  Democratic representative
  Seat vacant

as of January 31, 2022:

DistrictRepresentativePartyResidenceCounties representedFirst elected
1Pat HarkinsDemErieErie2006
2Robert MerskiDemErieErie2018
3Ryan BizzarroDemErieErie2012
4Curt SonneyRepHarborcreek TownshipErie2004
5Barry JozwiakRepBern TownshipBerks2014
6Brad RoaeRepEast Mead TownshipCrawford, Erie2006
7Mark LongiettiDemSharpsvilleMercer2006
8Tim BonnerRepButler, Mercer2020
9Chris SainatoDemNew CastleLawrence1994
10Aaron BernstineRepNew BeaverBeaver, Butler, Lawrence2016
11Marci MustelloRepButler TownshipButler2019
12Daryl MetcalfeRepCranberry TownshipButler1998
13John LawrenceRepFranklin TownshipChester, Lancaster2010
14Jim MarshallRepBeaver FallsBeaver, Butler2006
15Josh KailRepBeaverBeaver, Washington2018
16Robert MatzieDemAmbridgeAllegheny, Beaver2008
17Parke WentlingRepHempfield TownshipCrawford, Erie, Lawrence, Mercer2014
18K.C. TomlinsonRepBensalemBucks2020
19Aerion AbneyDemPittsburghAllegheny2022
20Emily KinkeadDemPittsburghAllegheny2020
21Sara InnamoratoDemPittsburghAllegheny2018
22Peter SchweyerDemAllentownLehigh2014
23Dan FrankelDemPittsburghAllegheny1998
24Martell CovingtonDemPittsburghAllegheny2022
25Brandon MarkosekDemMonroevilleAllegheny2018
26Tim HennesseyRepPottstownChester, Montgomery1992
27Daniel DeasyDemPittsburghAllegheny2008
28Robert MercuriRepWexfordAllegheny2020
29Meghan SchroederRepWarminsterBucks2018
30Lori MizgorskiRepAllison ParkAllegheny2018
31Perry WarrenDemNewtownBucks2016
32Anthony M. DeLucaDemPenn HillsAllegheny1982
33Carrie DelRossoRepOakmontAllegheny, Westmoreland2020
34Summer LeeDemPittsburghAllegheny2018
35Austin DavisDemMcKeesportAllegheny2018
36Jessica BenhamDemPittsburghAllegheny2020
37Mindy FeeRepManheimLancaster2012
38Nick PisciottanoDemWest MifflinAllegheny2020
39Mike PuskaricRepElizabethAllegheny, Washington2010
40Natalie MihalekRepUpper St. ClairAllegheny, Washington2018
41Brett MillerRepEast Hempfield TownshipLancaster2014
42Dan MillerDemMount LebanonAllegheny2013
43Keith GreinerRepWest Lampeter TownshipLancaster2012
44Valerie GaydosRepMoon TownshipAllegheny2018
45Anita Astorino KulikDemKennedy TownshipAllegheny2016
46Jason OrtitayRepSouth Fayette TownshipAllegheny, Washington2014
47Keith J. GillespieRepHellam TownshipYork2002
48Tim O’NealRepSouth StrabaneWashington2018
49Bud CookRepWest Pike Run TownshipFayette, Washington2016
50Pam SnyderDemJeffersonFayette, Greene, Washington2012
51Matt DowlingRepFayette CountyFayette, Somerset2016
52Ryan WarnerRepPerryopolisFayette, Westmoreland2014
53Steve MalagariDemLansdaleMontgomery2018
54Bob BrooksRepMurrysvilleAllegheny, Westmoreland2018
55Jason SilvisRepMurrysvilleArmstrong, Westmoreland2020
56George DunbarRepPenn TownshipWestmoreland2010
57Eric NelsonRepHempfield TownshipWestmoreland2016
58Eric DavanzoRepSmithtonWestmoreland2020
59Leslie RossiRepSomerset, Westmoreland2021
60Abby MajorRepFord CityArmstrong, Butler, Indiana2021
61Liz HanbidgeDemLower Gwynedd TownshipMontgomery2018
62James StruzziRepIndianaIndiana2018
63Donna OberlanderRepClarionArmstrong, Clarion, Forest2008
64Lee JamesRepOil CityButler, Venango2012
65Kathy RappRepWarrenCrawford, Forest, Warren2004
66Brian SmithRepIndiana, Jefferson2020
67Martin CauserRepPort AlleganyCameron, McKean, Potter2002
68Clint OwlettRepLibertyBradford, Potter, Tioga2018
69Carl Walker MetzgarRepBerlinBedford, Somerset2008
70Matthew BradfordDemWorcester TownshipMontgomery2008
71James RigbyRepJohnstownCambria, Somerset2018
72Frank BurnsDemEast Taylor TownshipCambria2008
73Tommy SankeyRepHoutzdaleCambria, Clearfield2012
74Dan K. WilliamsDemSadsbury TownshipChester2018
75Michael ArmaniniRepClearfield, Elk2020
76Stephanie BorowiczRepLock HavenCentre, Clinton2018
77Scott ConklinDemRush TownshipCentre2006
78Jesse TopperRepBedfordBedford, Franklin, Fulton2014
79Louis Schmitt Jr.RepAltoonaBlair2018
80James V. GregoryRepHollidaysburgBlair2018
81Rich IrvinRepWarriors Mark TownshipCentre, Huntingdon, Mifflin2014
82John D. HersheyRepMilfordFranklin, Juniata, Mifflin2018
83Jeff WheelandRepLoyalsock TownshipLycoming2014
84Joseph D. HammRepHepburn TownshipLycoming, Union2020
85David RoweRepEast Buffalo TownshipSnyder, Union2019
86Perry A. StambaughRepGreen ParkCumberland, Perry2020
87Greg RothmanRepSilver Spring TownshipCumberland2015
88Sheryl M. DelozierRepLower Allen TownshipCumberland2008
89Rob KauffmanRepChambersburgFranklin2004
90Paul SchemelRepGreencastleFranklin2014
91Dan MoulRepConewago TownshipAdams2006
92Dawn KeeferRepDillsburgCumberland, York2016
93Mike JonesRepYork TownshipYork2018
94Stan SaylorRepRed LionYork1992
95Carol Hill-EvansDemYorkYork2016
96Mike SturlaDemLancasterLancaster1990
97Steven MentzerRepManheim TownshipLancaster2012
98David HickernellRepWest Donegal TownshipDauphin, Lancaster2002
99David H. ZimmermanRepEast Earl TownshipLancaster2014
100Bryan CutlerRepDrumore TownshipLancaster2006
101Frank RyanRepLebanon CountyLebanon2016
102Russ DiamondRepAnnvilleLebanon2014
103Patty KimDemHarrisburgDauphin2012
104Sue HelmRepSusquehanna TownshipDauphin, Lebanon2006
105Andrew LewisRepLower Paxton TownshipDauphin2018
106Tom MehaffieRepLower Swatara TownshipDauphin2016
107Kurt A. MasserRepRalpho TownshipColumbia, Montour, Northumberland2010
108Lynda Schlegel-CulverRepRockefeller TownshipNorthumberland, Snyder2010
109David R. MillardRepBerwickColumbia2002
110Tina PickettRepTowandaBradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna2000
111Jonathan FritzRepHonesdaleSusquehanna, Wayne2016
112Kyle MullinsDemBlakelyLackawanna2018
113Thom WelbyDemLackawanna2021[note 1]
114Bridget Malloy KosierowskiDemScrantonLackawanna2019
115Maureen MaddenDemTobyhannaMonroe2016
116Robert SchneeRepSugarloaf TownshipLuzerne2022
117Karen BobackRepHarveys LakeLackawanna, Luzerne, Wyoming2006
118Mike CarrollDemAvocaLackawanna, Luzerne2006
119Gerald MulleryDemNewport TownshipLuzerne2010
120Aaron KauferRepKingstonLuzerne2014
121Eddie Day PashinskiDemWilkes-BarreLuzerne2006
122Doyle HeffleyRepLower Towamensing TownshipCarbon2010
123Timothy TwardzikRepButler TownshipSchuylkill2020
124Jerry KnowlesRepTamaquaBerks, Carbon, Schuylkill2008
125Joseph KerwinRepLykensDauphin, Schuylkill2020
126Mark RozziDemMuhlenberg TownshipBerks2012
127Manny Guzman Jr.DemReadingBerks2020
128Mark M. GillenRepRobeson TownshipBerks, Lancaster2010
129Jim A. CoxRepSpring TownshipBerks, Lancaster2006
130David MaloneyRepPike TownshipBerks2010
131Milou MackenzieRepLower Saucon TownshipLehigh, Montgomery, Northampton2020
132Michael SchlossbergDemAllentownLehigh2012
133Jeanne McNeillDemWhitehall TownshipLehigh2017
134Ryan MackenzieRepLower Macungie TownshipBerks, Lehigh2012
135Steve SamuelsonDemBethlehemNorthampton1998
136Robert L. FreemanDemEastonNorthampton1998[a]
137Joe EmrickRepNazarethNorthampton2010
138Ann FloodRepMoore TownshipNorthampton2020
139Michael PeiferRepHonesdalePike, Wayne2006
140John GallowayDemBristolBucks2006
141Tina DavisDemLevittownBucks2010
142Frank FarryRepLanghorneBucks2008
143Shelby LabsRepPlumstead TownshipBucks2020
144Todd PolinchockRepWarrington TownshipBucks2018
145Craig StaatsRepRichland TownshipBucks2014
146Joe CiresiDemLimerick TownshipMontgomery2018
147Tracy PennycuickRepLower Salford TownshipMontgomery2020
148Mary Jo DaleyDemNarberthMontgomery2012
149Tim BriggsDemUpper Merion TownshipMontgomery2008
150Joe WebsterDemMontgomery CountyMontgomery2018
151Todd StephensRepHorsham TownshipMontgomery2010
152Nancy GuenstDemHatboroMontgomery, Philadelphia2020
153Ben SanchezDemAbington TownshipMontgomery2018
154Napoleon NelsonDemCheltenham TownshipMontgomery2020
155Danielle Friel OttenDemUwchlan TownshipChester2018
156Dianne HerrinDemWest ChesterChester2020
157Melissa ShustermanDemSchuylkill TownshipChester, Montgomery2018
158Christina SappeyDemWest BradfordChester2018
159Brian Joseph KirklandDemChesterDelaware2016
160Wendell Craig WilliamsRepConcord TownshipChester, Delaware2020
161Leanne KruegerDemSwarthmoreDelaware2015
162David DellosoDemRidley TownshipDelaware2018
163Michael ZabelDemUpper Darby TownshipDelaware2018
164Gina CurryDemUpper Darby TownshipDelaware2021[note 2]
165Jennifer O’MaraDemSpringfield TownshipDelaware2018
166Greg VitaliDemHavertownDelaware, Montgomery1992
167Kristine HowardDemEast Whiteland TownshipChester2018
168Christopher B. QuinnRepMiddletown TownshipDelaware2016
169Kate KlunkRepHanoverYork2014
170Martina WhiteRepPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2015
171Kerry BenninghoffRepBellefonteCentre, Mifflin1996
172Kevin J. BoyleDemPhiladelphiaMontgomery, Philadelphia2010
173[to be determined]TBDPhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaTBD
174Ed NeilsonDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2015[b]
175Mary IsaacsonDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2018
176Jack RaderRepJackson TownshipMonroe2014
177Joseph HohensteinDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2018
178Wendi ThomasRepNorthampton TownshipBucks2018
179Jason DawkinsDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2014
180Angel CruzDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2000
181Malcolm KenyattaDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2018
182Brian SimsDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2012
183Zach MakoRepWalnutportLehigh, Northampton2016
184Elizabeth FiedlerDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2018
185Regina YoungDemPhiladelphiaDelaware, Philadelphia2020
186Jordan A. HarrisDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2012
187Gary DayRepHeidelberg TownshipBerks, Lehigh2008
188Rick KrajewskiDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2020
189Rosemary BrownRepMiddle Smithfield TownshipMonroe, Pike2010
190Amen BrownDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2020
191Joanna E. McClintonDemPhiladelphiaDelaware, Philadelphia2015
192Morgan CephasDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2016
193Torren EckerRepHamilton TownshipAdams, Cumberland2018
194Pamela DeLissioDemPhiladelphiaMontgomery, Philadelphia2010
195Donna BullockDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2015
196Seth GroveRepDover TownshipYork2008
197Danilo BurgosDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2018
198Darisha ParkerDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2020
199Barbara GleimRepMiddlesex TownshipCumberland2018
200Chris RabbDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2016
201Stephen KinseyDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2012
202Jared SolomonDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2016
203Isabella FitzgeraldDemPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia2016
  1. ^ Marty Flynn resigned on June 9, 2021 after being elected to the Pennsylvania Senate.
  2. ^ Margo Davidson resigned on July 23, 2021 after being charged with theft of state funds.

Past composition of the House of Representatives


As of June 7, 2022:[10]

Committee NameMajority ChairMinority Chair
Aging & Older Adult ServicesGary DaySteve Samuelson
Agriculture & Rural AffairsDan MoulEddie Day Pashinski
AppropriationsStan SaylorMatthew Bradford
Children & YouthSheryl M. DelozierPam DeLissio
CommerceBrad RoaeJohn Galloway
Committee On CommitteesStan SaylorMary Jo Daley
EthicsTodd StephensGerald Mullery
Consumer AffairsJim MarshallRobert Matzie
EducationCurt SonneyMark Longietti
Environmental Resources & EnergyDaryl MetcalfeGreg Vitali
FinanceMichael PeiferKevin Boyle
Game & FisheriesKeith J. GillespieEd Neilson
Gaming OversightSue HelmPat Harkins
Government OversightRyan MackenzieMatthew Bradford
HealthKathy RappDan Frankel
Human ServicesFrank FarryAngel Cruz
InsuranceTina PickettAnthony M. DeLuca
JudiciaryRob KauffmanTim Briggs
Labor & IndustryJim CoxGerald Mullery
Liquor ControlCarl Walker MetzgarDan Deasy
Local GovernmentJerry KnowlesRobert L. Freeman
PolicyMartin CauserRyan Bizzarro
Professional LicensureDavid HickernellFrank Burns
RulesKerry Benninghoff[to be determined]
State GovernmentSeth GroveH. Scott Conklin
Tourism & Recreational DevelopmentDavid R. MillardMary Jo Daley
TransportationTim HennesseyMike Carroll
Urban AffairsRosemary BrownMike Sturla
Veterans Affairs & Emergency PreparednessKaren BobackChris Sainato

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  1. ^ Rep. Freeman previously served from 1983 to 1994.
  2. ^ Rep. Neilson previously served from 2012 to 2014.


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